Monday, July 5, 2010

Clowning Cockatoo

Who knows how long this Cockatoo has been hitting up the cruisers for handouts in Nara Inlet, Australia. But after several days of hunkering down to escape the rainy weather we got to know this guy pretty well. We could hear him calling from the overgrown cliffs with a unique call like a clown's bicycle horn. We'd return his call and hustle up on deck with whatever food we could find. In the end we were able to pawn off the remaining stale peanuts from Mexico, and we got rid of some rotten lettuce and moldy bread too. We almost worried for him as we left the anchorage and he called down from his perch deep in the jungle cliffs. I'm sure we did an ecological misdeed in feeding him so regularly. All of the other boaters nearby were too busy with life below deck to even notice him, I think. But he seems clever enough to survive despite our spoiling him for a while in the rain.

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