Thursday, July 1, 2010

Magical Cross-Species Moment in Nara Inlet

This cockatoo in Nara Inlet was our constant companion every evening around sunset. He'd call out from the jungle with a clown bicycle horn call and if we came up on deck and called back he'd fly down to the boat for a handout. He was greedy with the handouts, fighting off 2 other "suitors" for our affection. When we left the anchorage three days later he called out to us from the jungle. I'm sure some other non-ecologically savvy boats like us will feed him too. He's obviously learned calls from cruisers past.

 At the other end of the island (Hook Island, in the Whitsunday group, Queensland Australia) we found an equally spoiled and fattened tropical fish. He'd eat nearly anything you tossed in the water, especially stale bread.

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