Monday, January 12, 2015

End of the Line

Australis has had a long history of tangles with fishing gear. But on New Years Day, 2015 her EPIRB was set off one last time.

In 2004, while anchored off San Quintin, Mexico, a fishing trawler passed by in the night, cutting the anchor line. Australis (Wind Rose at the time) was beached before her crew could react. She was salvaged and refurbished. In 2008 on her maiden international voyage as Australis, she got tangled in lobster traps while anchoring in a bay off Cedros Island in preparation for a storm. The storm shifted the winds to onshore and when we went to crank the engine discovered the fouled prop. Her anchors began to drag as fishermen attempted to help by pulling on her stern. The anchor shackle snapped and we were able to retrieve the other anchor and a trawler was able to bring her to safe harbor on Cedros.
In 2009, halfway around the world while heading into port in Indonesia for customs check-in at sunrise, Australis brought with her a 2 mile long long-line, including 6 inch hooks and buoys. Fortunately we discovered the stow-away before one of the many commercial vessels tangled in it along with us.

Australis lost the last of her 9 lives in Indonesia when Shaun was attempting to make port in Indonesia during a storm...Australian Shipwrecked in Indonesia

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