Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boat Project -- Grunert AR-50 Shaft Seal

bolts are 5.0" apart
pulley/flywheel is 8.5" OD
shaft is about 2.65" above the bottom surface of the compressor

The old Blissfield application manual lists compressor measurements that seem to match the Blissfield models CA, CB, CD, or CE compressor to our Grunert AR-50 1/2 HP system. Ours has 8 "head" bolts on top around the edge and 2 in the center above the presume pair of cylinders. Which appears to need the "BMK 510-6" blissfield shaft seal and bearing.  It appears that the Edd Helms Marine website sells the seal kit for conversion from R12 to R134a, hopefully this includes the shaft seal because I ordered it today. It seems that even R134a is being phased out this year and people will have to switch to CO2. R134a is compatible with Polyol Ester Oil (ester oil). Need to make sure the new dryer is not a solid bauxite type or it will release acid into the compressor when it gets saturated with moisture and ester oil. Molecular sieves are the preferred type for R134a.

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  1. Was it successful ? Our old Grunert shaft seal is leaking.