Friday, February 18, 2011

The Thinker

During the lunch break, Monkeys trooped through the Sepilok national park, near Sandakan, Malaysia (Borneo). We'd just finished watching the orangutan feeding. A staff member had to pull an orangutan away from a tourist and take him back into the jungle. But now, all the staff were on break, and the tour bus had taken most of the visitors away. So the other monkeys had free reign to raid the trash cans and pull everything apart that wasn't strapped down. A combined troop of Gray Macaques and Proboscis monkeys marched through the parking lot like they owned the place. One harassed a large peaceful male orangutan still feeding from the fruit tub, but the tiny macaque backed down when the orangutan gave him a dirty look. One juvenile monkey even attempted to disassemble the square light on the top of a taxi parked in the parking lot while the rest of his troop played catch with the security guard trying to shoo them away from the trash can. The guys in this photo seem to be reading the sign about proper behavior in a national park before they go on their rampage.

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